Coronavirus Guidance

The Federal Government has asked that there be no gatherings larger than 10. This is an effort to prevent the health care system being overwhelmed causing an unnecessary loss of life.

So here is our plan for now:

This Sunday we will live stream our worship service on Facebook. We have a team of 10 who will make it happen. The service will begin at 10am.

This is an opportunity for all of us to be Christ’s evangelists. Talk about it on your Facebook page, invite others who are unchurched. More people than usual will be at home and this is a good time for them to check us out from the comfort of their homes.

The message will be about “Israel’s Quarantine Experience.” We can still grow and learn and serve Christ’s kingdom during this time and we can do it together. If people do as our government asks, and it works, then this could be a short inconvenience. If not, more stringent restrictions could come and at a point it could become enforced. Pray that God will show the way and eliminate the threat of this virus and for His kingdom to flourish through it.

In addition, we have postponed our Wednesday dinners and have moved our Wednesday Ignite classes online.

You can find updated information about our Ignite classes on Facebook and the Church Center app. We have asked our Connection Groups to suspend meeting in person. Some groups may be looking at meeting online, but we are leaving that up to the individual groups.

CR will continue meeting at 6pm on Tuesdays, broken down into groups of 10 or less.

We encourage everyone to stay connected to your Restoration family online during this time.

Thanks! Mike