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October 2021 : 24 Hours of Prayer

Please pray with us for the following:

  • Thank God for His love, faithfulness, favor and for hearing your prayer today.
  • Ask God to show you anything that needs to be confessed and ask for forgiveness.
  • Pray that God guide you to pray for the things that matter the most to Him.
  • Pray for love and peace to dwell in your home and for improved relationships with Him and others.
  • Ask God to reveal Himself to you and to lead you into His truth.
  • Pray for your country, its institutions, and for politicians and national leaders to know Jesus personally.
  • Ask God to strengthen our country for its citizens and to do good in the world.
  • Pray for the churches to represent Him well and to lead others to know Jesus.
  • Pray for God to give guidance to Restoration Church, that we may act wisely and effectively reach the next generation.
  • Pray that our worship services will be worship experiences with God that grows us spiritually.
  • Ask that people’s lives will be changed for the good in worship here.
  • Ask God to use our Connection Group leaders to minister to others.
  • Ask God to use our Connection Groups to build spiritually based relationships where people grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus and experience abundant life. 
  • Ask God to make the Bible come alive in all of our ministries and in your life.
  • Pray that God will use Celebrate Recovery to free people from all bondages that are harmful to them and to those who love them.
  • Grant the session, Connection Groups, RezMarriage and Family, Celebrate Recovery, RezYouth, RezKidz, and Financial Peace and all ministry team leaders to have the help they need and give wisdom from on high in their ministry.
  • Bless our worship and Production Teams.  Provide the talent, enhance the talent, and provide the equipment necessary to provide excellence in worship.
  • Enable Restoration to bless, honor and glorify God in all we do.
  • Lead us in serving our community well.
  • Grant us those with the gifts needed to do all the ministry that our God envisions us doing.
  • Keep Restoration Church in the center of Your will. 
  • May financial giving to Restoration Church be sufficient for growing the ministry and providing quality in all we do and expand our reach.
  • Provide us a building that fulfills the needs, and is an attraction, and is well equipped so that the ministry does not suffer and is not limited.
  • Pray for the staff: Steve Phillips, Trevor Feuring, Heather Dorn, Mike Gibson Steve Phillips, Leigh Harris, Karen Harris and Joey Little.
  • Pray for all the ministry teams and their leaders.
  • Ask God to grant spiritual renewal for you, the church, your family and the nation. 
  • Ask God in advance to prepare us to overcome anything that could limit His ministry at Restoration Church.
  • Ask God to make Restoration Church a house of prayer in action.
  • Pray that all sermons come from Him and accomplish all that He intends.
  • “We commit ourselves, our families, our community and our nation to You, the living God and to Jesus Christ, asking You to do exceedingly and abundantly above and beyond all we ask or think according to Your unlimited power.
Thank you for praying with us. Remember, God always hears our prayers. 1 John 5:14